Monday, September 13, 2010


franny's house is awesome. walking in gave me the sensation of home, all the couches circled around each other in a cypher, and the cool balcony with a warmth of a southern accent. it made me miss home. apartment living is slowing tearing me apart, i have become very lonely and unsociable, when i first moved in it was different because that wasn't summer. all summer, i've been so exhausted from work that i do nothing much outside of smoking pot and spoiling on indulgence. i'm glad its fall and things are slowing down at the market, i am much friendlier today. it's time to live again, everyday, not just little bits and excursions. i have a painful headache, and have had it all day. i turned my alarm off for 5am, so not going to the dentist tomorrow. do i have the energy? i stayed at the party much longer than i expected, even with the pounding headached and stoned mind. chris, walked in and was blazed out of his mind, i confessed also, and found out that ricky also toke a few hits before the party. what makes us pre-funk? i told a few people about being stoned out of my mind, never would've guessed said all of them. kayleigh says she can't tell.

today i am thinking that pot prevents me from being able to make decisions, the thought process is elimated, instead, i worked through impulses. i told myself, from the beginning that i was going to make lamb stew and it turned out wonderfully. lots of people complimented the stew, it was nice to feed the people good food. i've learned about lots of people's lives today and heard many stories. it strange how a difficult, complex part, can be turned into a line or two of words.

-our house was enclosed by the police, because there was a sciencetology convention nearby, so we bummed rushed the party.

-that would be great for you, open up a cheese shop and play golf all day

my memory has failed me today because i already forgot their names, and stories. i am going to sleep, good night.

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